Jade Likes Reciprocity

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Jade Likes Reciprocity

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Hello my followers! I’m Jade, an escort available to hire for dates of all types. I am the kind of girl who believes to treat someone the same way that you want to be treated. Every nice action deserves a reaction. Since I use this philosophy for my everyday actions, of course I’m going to be extremely reciprocative when a client shows me appreciation of any type. Here’s a summary about a date I had with a client recently!

I Went Out Of My Way To Tell Him What I Liked

I am not shy about letting clients know what makes me feel good. If they tell me they like how I look or enjoy something that I do, I make sure I reciprocate with kind words to them as well. I believe that transparency is necessary when it comes to expectations when hiring an escort. My recent client really liked the way that I smiled when I was telling a story. I made sure to keep on smiling as much as possible throughout our date since he enjoyed it so much. I also let my client know that I really found it attractive the way he would sneak me appreciative looks every few minutes. These small points made a difference as we were able to expand upon our actions to the other person’s liking.

Going Out Is So Much Fun

My client wanted to go out for a fancy dinner with me. He didn’t spare any expense and it was a delicious meal full of great conversation. Since he went out of his way to make sure I was happy with my food choices, I made sure to let him know how much it meant to me to be able to share this experience together. We then went out to a club to work off some calories. I didn’t leave my client’s side and made sure everyone in that establishment knew this was my date and that I wasn’t available to anyone else.

Body Rubs Topped It All Off

When we got back to my client’s hotel room, he indicated that he would love a body rub down. He had some sore muscles and found it soothing to have someone tend to them in private. He was so relaxed after I gave him a nude massage. He made sure to reciprocate and rubbed down my body just as I had done for him. Not all clients are this giving, so it really touched me that he cared enough about my needs to tend to them. This was so sweet! After our massages, we hit the Jacuzzi and enjoyed washing each other down in the warm water. From there, we explored each other even more intimately. It was definitely a date that I will not forget!

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