Yuen Plays The Muse

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Yuen Plays The Muse

Body Rub Girl Yuen

I’ve always been told I have a pretty face and a spectacular physique. I’m Yuen, and I’m an escort-for-hire who is in pretty high demand. I love going out with clients and learning all about their lives. I find that connecting with different people help to keep my mind sharp and my personality upbeat. A few weeks ago, I had a date with a client who asked me to perform specific actions to make his time with me the best possible. Here’s what happened during our date.

I Got Ready For Some Fun

My client told me that he wanted to mix going out with some artistic measures. He didn’t specify about what we would be doing, so I knew I had to be prepared for anything. I packed a large handbag with an extra set of clothing so that whatever was thrown my way could be handled appropriately. I couldn’t wait to find out what my client had in store for us!

We Got To Learn More About Each Other

My client told me he loved being out in the public, especially with a pretty woman by his side. We decided to go to a quaint cafĂ© for some lunch and then walk around to look at some shops. He bought me the prettiest scarf to wear and I felt like a princess the whole time we were together. We got to learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, including what we expected from a romantic partner. I felt as if I made a connection with this client, and since he was so fun to be around (not to mention good-looking), I was looking forward to getting him alone.

I Gave My Client A Relaxing Massage

After that walking around, my client was a bit tired. He wanted to lie down and relax while I gave him a massage. I was all for this and made sure to work on each area of his body professionally. He loved the touch of my hands and asked me if I could give him the massage while I was unclothed. Why, of course I could! In fact, I was so happy he asked because I was totally ready to show him how much I appreciated spending time with him.

I Gave My Client Something To Remember

After the massage, my client had a burst of inspiration and wanted to paint a portrait of me to keep as a memento. I wore nothing but the scarf he had purchased for me during our shopping excursion. He went at it, adding color, looking at me from all angles, while I was lying down on the bed looking as sexy as can be. When he was done, he took a picture of his portrait and sent it to my phone, so I could remember what we had shared together that day and night.

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